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Pamper Your Camper With Love From Narnia Studios

Pampering campers with custom camp packages all over the USA since 1981

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When you can’t be there and you want them to know you care!
Customized for your camper and packed with love from you!

Camp Packages - Featuring Toys Made In America.

Let them know how much you miss them – send a surprise camp package filled with fun!


Narnia Pamper Your Camper Pledge

Pamper Your Camper:

  • creates terrific assortments, all age and gender appropriate, by selecting items from different categories.

  • always includes items in to enjoy indoors, outdoors, with other campers (interactive) and alone
  • chooses from the trendiest…fun games, brain teasers, outdoor activities, challenging puzzles, card games, magic, activity books, juggling, autograph items*, boxers, plush animals, polishes, lotions, and so much more
  • will always include an *autograph item for girls to have their bunkmates sign, at no additional cost!
  • never duplicates. Each package is totally different no matter how many packages, week after week, and year after year
  • sends wonderful camp packages for teenagers
  • creates awesome College Care Packages!


Thank-you postcard enclosed in every camp package!

Mylar Happy Birthday banner to celebrate your camper’s special occasion, ready to hang in the bunk! Mylar Balloon Bouquets also available!

We are a full service florist: fresh flowers, balloons and fruit baskets available!

Flowers are also available – Please call (828) 697-6393 for more information.
Click here for a list of Henderson County Summer Camps.
Download our brochure!

Order Now!

Narnia Studios Camp Packages Hendersonville, NC
Narnia Studios Camp Packages Hendersonville, NC
Narnia Studios Camp Packages Hendersonville, NC
Narnia Studios Camp Packages Hendersonville, NCNarnia Studios Camp Packages Hendersonville, NC