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Soap Rocks - Gentle for the most sensitive skin!

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agate (blue)
amethyst geode
aqua geode
azurite malachite
black onyx
fire geode
gold in quartz
green garnet
lavendar jade
platinum, gold & copper
septarian geode
star sapphire
star ruby
topaz (imperial)

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Rhodochrosite Soap Rocks Moon Stonel Soap Rocks Emerald SoapRocks Star Ruby Soap Rocks Topaz SoapRock Black Onyx SoapRocks Lavender Jade Soap Rocks Aqua Geode SoapRocks Azurite Malachite Soap Rocks Septarian Geode SoapRocks Opal SoapRocks Green Garnet SoapRocks Amethyst Geode SoapRocks® Gold In Quartz Soap Rocks Chrysocolla Soap Rocks Diamond Soap Rocks Star Sapphire Soap Rocks Fire Geode SoapRock Garnet Soap Rocks Peridot SoapRocks Sapphire Soap Rocks Ruby Soap Rocks Blue Agate Soap Rock Plainumm, Gold and Copper SoapRocks Gaspeite SoapRock Malachite SoapRock Watermelon Tourmaline SoapRocks Rose Amethyst Soap Rock Turquoise Soap Rocks Black Opal Soap Rocks Amber Citrine SoapRocks White Opal Soap Rocks Tiger's Eye SoapRock Rose Quartz Soap Rocks Olivine Soap Rocks Smoky Quartz Soap Rocks Amethyst Soap Rocks Aquamarine SoapRocks® Fire Opal SoapRocks Jade SoapRocks Soapal SoapRocks Jasper Soap Rocks Citrine SoapRocks Lapis Lazuli Soap Rocks Marble SoapRocks