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17th Annual Black History Essay Contest

"A Narnia Studios Production"

The essays are to be written about an African American who is an historical figure, a celebrity or someone the student knows personally. They must be 250 words or less. The essays must be received at Narnia Studios, 315 N. Main Street, by 5:00 P.M., Wednesday, February 26th. The awards ceremony for the winners will be held at the school of each winner. There will be one winners from each grade level. . This contest is open to all 3rd and 7th grade students in Henderson County public schools, private schools and home schools. Every 3rd and 7th grade teacher receives a personal notification.

The annual writing contest, held each February, sponsored by Narnia Studios, is open to all Henderson County 3rd and 7th graders.

....and the winners are:

This year’s 3rd grade winner is Sophia Kurle from Fletcher Elementary. Sophia wrote with enthusiasm and her subject was Harriet Tubman. Sophia talks about how dedicated Tubman was and how she helped more than 100 people escape to freedom.

The seventh grade essay winner is Louise Cummins from Hendersonville Middle School. She wrote about Ronnie and Roxanna Pepper, local community leaders. She writes, “Their motto is, “Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?”” She clearly voices how compassionate and vital their efforts are to this community.

The teacher for Sophia: Liz Barbour and the teacher for Louise: Betsy Schneider

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