Announcing the 2015 Chalk It Up Winners!

5 and under:

Justice Gessler
Ruthy Gessler
Dylan Bowen
Amara Keeler
Gabriel Harper

6-8 Years Old:

Temperance Cantrell
Ruby Miller
Lily Mercado
Deacon Mirich
Isaac Mirich

9-12 Years Old:

Kathleen Ryan
Cassidy Bowen
Sierra Wallace
Aiden Hackett
Faith Mirich


Amber Detwiler
Ezekiel Mercado
Lizzy Reagles
Alice Bloesma
Trinity Cantrell

21 and older:

Anita Funston
Leslie Miller
Rachel Benney
Joy Capps
David Collins

Professional Best of Show:

Beverly Russell

19th Annual Chalk it Up!

The Chalk it Up! sidewalk chalk art contest drew crowds of artists and onlookers on Saturday morning for the 19th annual event, organized by Narnia Studios on Main Street. BETH DE BONA/TIMES-NEWS